Work Package Description

Work-package 1: Project management and co-ordination

Lead: Fera and Plant and Food Research

Work-package objectives: To provide effective project management through sound planning, well organised and active network of WP leaders and a transparent decision procedure. The project coordinator will:

  • Assess scientific progress and ensure that it is aligned with the project plan and serve as contact point for partners regarding project issues.
  • Act as liaison with the Euphresco topic coordinator.
  • Ensure effective management to achieve project outcomes.

Work-package 2: Priority biosecurity threats and biological control agents

Work-package objectives: To catalogue priority pests, not already present in participating countries, and identify potential candidate BCAs for classical biocontrol.

Work-package 3: Standard protocols to assess feasibility of pre-emptive risk assessment

Work-package objectives: To evaluate and develop standard protocols to assess feasibility of conducting pre-emptive risk assessments for the introduction of exotic biological control agents.

Work-package 4: Biocontrol network and dissemination

Work-package objectives: Establish a network of organisations/interested parties and means to share and disseminate information on BCAs.