The University of Turin (UNITO) is one of the largest Italian Universities, open to international research and training. The Department of Agricultural Forest and Food Sciences (DISAFA) is part of UNITO and was formed in 2013, where research is carried out with a multidisciplinary approach and in collaboration with other Italian or foreign departments and research institutes and performs consulting work for public or private bodies. Main research fields are primary production, processing plant and animal products, interactions of agricultural and livestock production with local communities and the environment. It focuses on agricultural and forest ecosystems and food chains in their biological, productive, ecological, technological, engineering and management, while taking into account economic and environmental issues and using a biotechnological approach.

Prof. Chiara Ferracini is an entomologist and Associate Professor at the DISAFA department of the University of Turin. She is coordinator of the Forest entomology and zoology group .The research group works on the pests of the forestry environment and terrestrial mammals (life cycle, ethology, ecology, population dynamic), with regard to exotic and/or invasive species, biodiversity conservation, and environment preservation. The research aims at improving the knowledge of the invasion process, such as prevention, early warning, rapid response, and management of the introduced species.