University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest higher education and scientific research institution in Slovenia. The UL practices basic, applied and development research, striving for excellence and quality of the highest standard in all fields of science and arts. In the Department of Agronomy of the Biotechnical Faculty, one of the 23 faculties of the UL, research in the field of plant protection is also carried out. The most important emphasis is given to integrated pest management, and biological control of plant pests.

Stanislav Trdan is a full professor for plant protection. He is an agricultural entomologist and zoologist with particular interest on IPM, biological control and other environmentally friendly methods for controlling plant pests, especially pests of vegetables, field crops and storage pests. He also studies interactions between plant pests and other biotic and abiotic factors in agroecosystems.

Žiga Laznik is an Assistant Professor. He is an agricultural entomologist and zoologist with a particular interest in biological control of pest insects. His work includes surveys for natural enemies, studies on the biology and ecology of pests and natural enemies, slug parasitic and entomopathogenic nematodes.

Tanja Bohinc is a research associate. Her research work is focused on biological control and other environmentally acceptable plant protection methods against insect pests. In recent years, she has been involved in research on the efficacy of inert dusts against insect pests, testing of biostimulants, searching of indigenous natural enemies with the aim of their use against plant pests, etc.

Luka Batistič is a researcher. He is an agricultural entomologist, who works in the field of biological control and other non-chemical methods of controlling plant pests. In the last two years, he has been particularly intensively studying environmentally acceptable methods of controlling the brown marmorated stink bug.