The Research — Development Institute for Plant Protection (RDIPP) is a unit of research and development with public right and public utility under the supervision of the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences “Gheorghe Ionescu Sisesti” and it has its origin in the departments of Phytopathology and Agricultural Entomology of the Agronomical Research Institute founded in Romania in 1929. The main direction of the institute are: (1) development of integrated pest management systems tailored to the current agricultural dynamics as well as decision support systems based on phytosanitary risk maps, (2) development of new technologies to increase the safety of food chains in order to achieve sustainable development objectives in agriculture, (3) identifying and reducing sources of environmental pollution generated by plant protection activity, (4) development of biological means to control pest and diseases, (5) the study of the bio-ecology of pests (pathogens, arthropods, weeds) and the development of rapid diagnostic techniques, (6) selection of agro-technical and chemical methods for plant protection with minimal impact on the environment and stimulation of biological agents for prevention and control, (7) the development of databases (GIS/GPS) on the spreading of pests and toxigenic microorganisms, including the identification of populations resistant to the action of plant protection products, (8) to carry out studies and research on ecotoxicology necessary for the approval of plant protection products, in accordance with the Community acquis, (9) to apply national and international strategies on plant protection research and their correlation with other agricultural disciplines.

Ana-Cristina Fătu, Head of Useful Organism Laboratory of RDIPP, has 16 year experience in biological control of pests. She works on development of technologies for the production and application of entomopathogenic microorganisms in plant protection and isolation, selection and characterization of fungi with potential as biological control agents against pest insect in agriculture and forestry.

Mihaela Monica Dinu is a Biologist/Mycologist and her work focuses on selection of microorganisms that can be successfully included in biological control programs of pests. As a scientific researcher of the Useful Organism Laboratory of RDIPP she cooperated in various national and international projects regarding crop protection, biological control, and sustainable use of plant protection products.