Fera (UK) is a national and international centre of excellence for interdisciplinary investigation and problem solving across plant and bee health, crop protection, sustainable agriculture, food and feed quality and chemical safety in the environment.
Work within the Entomology group at Fera includes developing strategies for the management of native and invasive invertebrate pests involving the use of biopesticides and biological control agents, monitoring and surveillance and assessing the environmental and non-target impacts of implemented control strategies.

Neil Audsley in an invertebrate physiologist who provides strategic research and development for the management of native, invasive and emerging pests of agriculture, horticulture and tree health importance. Research contributes towards developing control strategies and advising policy to government.

Rachel Down has an established research record, spanning more than 25 years, in the field of novel methods of insect pest control. In more recent years she has been involved in several projects related to biological control of invasive insect species. Rachel has written a number of literature reviews detailing control and management options for specific invasive insect pests and has compiled risk assessment documents for invertebrate biological control agents.

Chris Malumphy is a Plant Health Consultant with 35 years’ experience. Responsibilities at Fera include developing science capabilities, managing projects, studying the ecology of invasive species, and providing an identification service, training, consultancy, and risk assessments. Chris is currently involved with projects on the classical biological control of Oriental chestnut gall wasp in England and brown soft scale in Tristan da Cunha, using parasitoid wasps.