The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) is the authority responsible for leading, developing and regulating the agri-food sector, protecting public health and optimising social, economic and environmental benefits. It is the designated National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) for Ireland and is the responsible authority for implementing EU and Irish Plant Heath legislation.

Dr Conor Francis McGee is an the Agricultural Inspector (AI) managing the Plant Sciences Division’s Pest Risk Analysis Unit (PRAU) in DAFM. The PRAU provides a range of services including (1) horizon scanning activities to identify emerging plant pest threats to Irish security, (2) evaluating the level of risk plant pest threats pose to Irish Biosecurity (i.e. the agricultural, forestry, horticultural and environmental sectors) by undertaking Pest Risk assessment (PRAs) and (3) providing advice/ undertaking research on plant related matters to various DAFM Divisions.