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Dr Valerie Caron is an entomologist with an interest in biological control and invasion biology. Her research has a strong ecological focus – she believes that biological control is applied ecology at its best. Dr Caron has a B.Sc. in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, a M.Sc. in biological control from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and a PhD from Monash University in invasion biology, Melbourne, Victoria. Her research currently focuses on invasive invertebrate species, introduced dung beetles, land snail control and pre-emptive biological control.

Dr Vincent Lesieur is an entomologist with interest in managing invasive pests (both weeds and insects). He uses his background in ecology i) to understand the mechanisms underlying the success of biological invasions and the impact of such invasions on native fauna and flora and ii) to implement biological control and other management techniques for limiting pest and weed impacts. To do so, he uses a multidisciplinary approach that includes experimental studies and fieldwork, analysis of life-history traits, and genetic tools. His research done at CSIRO European Laboratory (Montpellier, France) currently focuses on pre-border biosecurity, pre-emptive biological control, and classical biological control of invasive weeds.